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Thursday Throwback The top TV Dads

This week I want to take a few minutes to look back at some TV Dads.  Those men that we grew up with, and saw on the “little” screen year after year.  These Dad that represented their time, and the generations We all lived in. First off I will give a shout to Bdubs on Youtube for posting this.

Oren Miller 4

How someone I never met Inspired me to do something

Life is a fickle thing, it can change in an instant, for the good, and for the bad.  I’ve had my share of bad, and to be honest I can’t say that things are great on a day to day basis, nor would I ever say that I couldn’t improve as a person, a parent, a husband, I can.  I stress over the fact we are just “surviving”, and that I worry about how to make ends meet, constantly.  There are times I feel low, and wonder if I will ever feel better.  During a particularity low period for me,...

The Fine line of Dad Discipline 0

The Fine line of Dad Discipline

One area my wife and I can often not see eye to eye on is in the area of discipline. She is much more often the “softy” than I. I have a buddy with two girls, who says that in his house it’s just


And We’re off

I was able to get most of the site update completed “Ahead of Schedule”, as far as the layout, and most of the theme changes. I’m not 100% satisifed, but then again, I never am. So, Welcom to the