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Five Free Genealogy Things You Can Do on

I’m happy to pay for something of value to me, and subscription genealogy sites are worth their weight in old records to a genealogist who can’t spend a lot of time or money renting and scrolling microfilm, or traveling to repositories around the country. Read more here


Don’t Imitate Your Heroes. Adapt and Expand

As we strive to improve our lives and further our careers by learning from those more wise and experienced than ourselves, it’s important to remember that not all success merits emulating. You should pick and choose the advice that works for you. Read more here


How to Start Your Own Podcast

Thanks to the success of shows like Serial, TED Radio Hour, and The Nerdist, podcasts have become more popular than ever. Here’s how to create, record, and publish your own basic podcast—and get people to listen. Read more here