Welcome to my blog, and therefore my disclosure statement.

Another Day of life is my website, written by me, and managed by me, as my online space.  As a whole this is not a professional media site currently, but an online site full of rant, raves, and a place where other members can submit articles that are of benefit to the core values of this site.

Now if you want to know more about me, you can visit the “about page” to learn more about me, and since this isn’t that page, don’t worry I won’t be telling my story here.

As a blogger who certainly reviews products and offers giveaways I must tell you about the FTC cracking down on Bloggers all over the world, reminding us of what should in fact be obvious,  we must be honest and disclose the fact that we do sometimes get money, free items and other compensation for some of our content within our site.  I have always maintained a disclosure policy, but will be doing even more in the way of post footers, etc.

Contributors and members, which by terms of use may not directly contain affiliate links, but may contain links to other websites. The site is reviewed exclusively by me, and I will not allow the site to become spammy, nor will I approve a post that goes against what I feel are the important values of the site. If one is published, I will remove it.

So as require by the FTC, and commons sense, please review my disclosure policy below:

Disclosure policy Effective June 1, 2014

Another day of life

  • Does accept payment to share a deal, discount code, giveaway, press release or similar at times.
  • WILL NOT accept payment to positively promote a product she doesn’t think is a great product.
  • Does accept free product in exchange for an open and honest review.
  • Does follow his high moral standards when accepting a paid or non-paid opportunity.
  • WILL NOT be paid to be quiet, push sales nor anything that is unethical to her family friendly morals.
  • Does link to this disclosure policy within a blog post that may be sponsored by payment, product or similar.
  • Does accept paid links within blog posts.
  • Does have affiliations with numerous products and companies through Amazon, LinkShare, Logical Media and similar sites.
  • DOES NOT disclose when said affiliate links are used and DOES may include at least one affiliate link within every blog post

The paid posts at Another Day of Life that include a product review will always have a second disclosure clearly stating the post was sponsored, however, posts that are personal in nature and simply link to an outside website will not have an additional disclosure.

So if you see a link within a post you can assume about 90% of the time I was paid for that link unless it’s to a friend’s website or a link to another article of my own, in that case I am simply linking to show my support to others in the blogosphere.

I accept pitches from PR firms, twitter friends, Etsy shops, big business, little business and everything in between.  I enjoy taking on an opportunity to work with a variety of businesses. I also am not afraid to turn a pitch down if I am not comfortable with the product, if the product has no value to my readers or family, and if the person who pitches me sounds like some spam artist.

Another Day of Life will continue to be a mix of everything because that is who I am.

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